We're getting married!

When: August 3, 2019

Time: 7pm - ?

Where: Brescia University College

Theme: Karaoke!


Brescia University College
1285 Western Rd, London, ON N6G 1H2

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Stay at Clare Hall:
Clare Hall (opened Fall 2013), includes up to 300 comfortable overnight rooms, each with a large wardrobe, a study desk, mini-fridge and vanity sink. Complimentary parking and wifi is available.
From mid-May through mid-August, overnight rooms can be booked either as a 1 bedroom, private queen bed or for a slight cost savings, as a “pair” of adjacent semi-private rooms which share an en-suite bathroom.
*NEW* IN 2019, we now offer a limited amount of Private rooms with 1 King Bed.
2019 Rates:
1 Queen Bed, (2 person occupancy) – $84.00+HST
2 Queen Semi Private; w/ Shared washroom (4 person max occupancy) – $136.50+HST (Note: If arriving separately, 1st guest must pre-pay for both rooms upon check-in)
NEW: 1 King Bed, (2 person occupancy) *limited availability – $99.00+HST (Note: located across from lounge)
Website: Booking
Phone: 519-858-5150
* Please note: CHECK IN time is 3:00pm daily and CHECK OUT is at 11:00am each day.


  1. How should I dress?
    Casual. This is a party, it's not a funeral. Or a wedding, really.
  2. Can I bring my kids?
    Sure. We'll stick them in a cage somewhere while the adults have fun. Or they can just hang out, whatever.
  3. What about gifts?
    NO! We've both done this before, and we have 3 houses worth of crap in our house as it is. We're trying to get rid of stuff, not gain more. Be warned, we may stick YOU with a parting gift...
  4. Do I need any money?
    Yup. There will be a toonie bar. We don't want to make money off of you, but we don't want to go bankrupt either. We know what some of you are like.
  5. Am I going to go hungry?
    Nah, we'll have food throughout the night. We'll even have a S'mores bar!
  6. Do you want our pictures?
    YES!! The easiest way is to tag them on Instagram with #bradandcolleen so we can find them!
  7. Uh, what's the deal with this page on my iPad? Your faces are HUGE!
    No idea, nothing I tried seemed to work - just don't look at it on an iPad I guess.